David Babale

DB The Consultant.

As the Principal Consultant and CEO of Clarexa Consulting, DB brings over two decades of experience in learning and development, creative intelligence, project management, and event curation, with a unique blend of strategic foresight, operational expertise, and innovative thinking to the company.

As the Director of Creative Intelligence, he brings his expertise in innovation and design thinking coupled with his knack for helping teams tap into their creative potential to solve problems by developing innovative solutions and strategies.

David’s leadership has been instrumental in Clarexa’s growth, transforming it into a dynamic, fast-growing company. His commitment to sharing practical principles and insights on personal and corporate well-being, optimal performance, and organizational productivity has made Clarexa a trusted partner for those seeking to maximally express their unique advantage. David Babale is truly redefining the landscape of professional development.

Our dynamic consulting solutions

Learning Events & Project Management

We plan, organize, and manage a wide range of learning events, retreats, seminars, and conferences, to provide enriching learning experiences for our clients.

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Learning Program Design and Development

We begin with mind mapping, then we design and develop bespoke learning programs that are tailored to meet the unique needs of individuals and organizations

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Learning Technology Consulting

By keeping tabs with the latest learning technologies, we provide expert advice that enhances the learning experience and outcomes of our clients.

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Professional Development Consulting

Our consulting services are proven to catalyse individuals and organizations to identify and pursue opportunities for professional growth and development as well as accelerate your career as a business leader.

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Thought Leadership Events

Our leadership events bring you up, close and personal with thought leaders in diverse fields of endeavour to inspire mental shifts and optimized living.

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Evaluation and Reporting

When a job is not documented and evaluated, it is not done. Therefore, we conduct thorough evaluations of our learning events and programs and provide comprehensive reports to help our clients measure their success and identify areas for improvement.

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