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Unlock Your Potential for fulfilled living with David’s Transformative Coaching Programs. DB’s coaching programs are designed to empower leaders and high-impact makers to reach their zenith. His approach is deeply personal and highly transformative.

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As the Principal Consultant at Clarexa Consulting, Coach DB drives the company’s mission to revolutionise learning and development - with a wealth of experience in L&D, event management, and strategic planning for individuals and organizations.

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“Illuminations: Unveiling New Perspectives with The Clarity King, David Babale presents you a guide to a world of clear, concise, and mind-shifting insights. It is designed to inspire you to see the world in a new light, challenging the status quo and expanding your horizons.

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David Babale's speeches are not just motivational, they are clear, concise, and transformational. He has a unique ability to connect with his audience, whether it's a room full of corporate executives, a community of eager learners, or a nation seeking direction

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"Dominate Your Domain” is David’s mentorship program designed for individuals between the ages of 18 and 35. Here he works with individuals to help them wake up to their true nature; the source of everything they want to create and experience in life.

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Get access to high-quality resources from David Babale - courses, books, soundbites - all that you need to live a life of Clarity and Growth.

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Coach, Strategist, Policy Advisor & Principal Consultant, Clarexa Consulting

With an overarching vision to make ‘the expressions of the full life common on the earth,’ David Babale, fondly called “The Clarity King” busies himself supporting leaders, influential figures, high-impact makers, and organisations to discover confidence by receiving clarity and helping them to implement unique strategies that significantly increase their impact.
David’s knack for simplifying intricate ideas into actionable plans makes him a pivotal change-maker, an inspiration, and a must-have companion for those aiming to reach new heights in life and leadership.
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